Online Art Magazines

A list of some online art magazines I’ve been finding, with excerpts from some of their “about” pages. Go submerge yourself in these inspiring and thought-provoking corners of human consciousness –

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Ascension Conceptions Wire-wrapped Ring & Pendant

I absolutely adore this garnet pendant Will made recently-

wire-wrap, garnet, pendant, jewelry, gold, silver

It was made with .999 and .925 silvers, as well as 14/20 Gold fill wire. I don’t know how he has the patience to fold up something like 10 strands of metal in on themselves in such an elaborate knot! Check it out on his website, it’s available if you’re interested.

Of course, the piece I love even more is the ring he made me for my birthday last month, a silver and gold ring with a two pink tourmaline crystals~

wire-wrap, ring, wire-wrapped, tourmaline, pink, silver, gold, .925, .999, fine silver

The one in the band is cut, and the one on top is raw. It’s so beautiful, a super delightful surprise. His work is fantastic.

He has a more awesome jewelry on his website, available for purchase or as eye candy;

Ascension Conceptions.

You can also find Ascension Conceptions on Facebook.

Weekend of the Summer Solstice & Super Moon

What a spectacular weekend!

I started a piece inspired by the Summer Solstice and Super Moon last Friday, and just finished it today-


It’s dedicated to my love, who is a Cancer, for his birthday. The whole piece reflects the shape of the symbol for Cancer, using the sun and the moon for each side. And the ocean, of course, seemed fitting for this idea. Hope you enjoy!

Now the next few days will be spent editing photos from the beautiful wedding I photographed over the weekend.


.: Shift to Interconnectivity :.

photomanipulation, art, digital art, paradigm shift, age of aquarius, age of pisces, shift

{Shift to Interconnectivity}

This is a piece I started almost a year ago. It’s almost strange to feel that it’s finished~
All feedback is appreciated! I’d love to know what it makes you think of or feel.

My own inspirations:

This piece was inspired by a vision in a dream, and my thoughts and feelings about the shift from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius. The shift out from behind the misty veils of illusion that we have lived within for so long, and into the understanding that we are all interconnected and dependent on one another.

photomanipulation, digital art, age of aquarius, paradigm shift, astrology, fractal, fractal art, photoshop

{A Close-up}

The Aquarius constellation appears twice in this piece ~ in the stars above the clouds, and also mirrored underneath the clouds, coming from within the individual. I thought this was fitting with the concept of this Paradigm Shift, embracing the concept of recognizing yourself in relation to the universe and other people.

Whether you believe in astrology or not, it could be considered a metaphor for the evolution of human consciousness and knowledge.

The nerves speak of the electricity inside us all, the magic that allows us to experience our senses in this reality.

But let your own interpretation set the meaning for you.  I’d love to hear what you think.

Week One At The Willow – Fractals & Fairy Herpes

A week after my twenty-fourth birthday seems a perfect time for the first post on this new blog. So read on, and bite into some fractals and glitter!

Fractals, being that recently I’ve been learning my way around the fractal program, Apophysis. Here are two of the results – – –

fractal art, julia, julain, fractals, purple

purple, gold, fractal, julia, julian, stars, space

And glitter, because recently I had my first shoot in a while, which was a ton of fun (even though it ended with fairy herpes sparkles everywhere.)